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    Originally posted by CiscoNJenn View Post
    I am the same way with my husband. We were at a concert and everyone stood up the whole time so we couldn't see a thing. I was flipping out and he said just enjoy yourself. I am so protective of him that I can't enjoy myself. I should have just stood up with everyone else and enjoyed. He was ok with just listening, so why did I have a problem with it.
    mainly because you care about him, maybe call the venue afterwards and mention when the crowd stands up the w/c people can't see, etc. maybe they can find a better place for the w/c users

    but don't make a big deal of it during the show, if he's okay with it, why ruin both your nights.
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      sounds like a smoking issue not a handicap issue. . . i smoke but would never do this; punch them out .. . but first yes tell the venue the problems you have had . .. good luck stun gun sounds like a good choice or a swift kick to the balls and act like . . . what i have know idea what happened, then make it a handiacapped issue
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        Similar problems happen at Nissan Pavilion here in Virginia as well. The lawn area is non accessible, so if you have lawn seats you have to sit in the accessible area. The problem is, 90% of the people in the accessible area are not in wheelchairs. I went through Nissan Pavilion and even got ADA involved because we had purchased a 'Mega Ticket' that included about 10 concerts, so I was not going to continue to go through people that could WALK, STAND AND DANCE sitting in front of me in an area designated for wheelchairs. Nissan Pavilion made a conservative attempt to make changes, but in the end it came down to me having to stand up for myself as well as other less able wheelchair users sitting there. I am a very nice guy, but I have a temper and can be extremely obnoxious if I need to be.......The first step you take when they stand up in front of you is to be nice.....go up tap on their hip to get their attention and ask them 'how's the show'......after they reply, you reply 'oh I wish I could see but when you stand up and dance, I cannot see, would you mind either switching spots with me or stay seated'. This approach works 90% of the time, unsually until intermission, then once they get a couple more beers in them they get stupid and start up again. At this point, I will make a seen and MAKE SURE everyone around you hears and sees will be surprised how fast people with adhere to your request when an obnoxious guy in a wheelchair is yelling and cussing at them and everyone around is looking at them wondering what the phuck they've done to the 'poor guy in the wheelchair'.

        As far as people dancing in my face, that is totally unacceptable. That's when you start wheelchair dancing and you start jamming your chair in their ankles, trust me you will have alot of room after you hit their ankles ONCE.

        Hang in there and stand your ground and don't put up with peoples bullshit. The more you let them, the more they will!
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          My wife is the same as you she tells people sit down, get out of the way, move, most do but now & then their is a a** hole. But go again & enjoy.


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            I agree with the chair dancing and hitting their ankles...thats painful! The only thing is you better be able to hold your own if they throw punches or whatever.
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              Originally posted by addiesue View Post
              I agree you can't be passive.
              Call the venue and complain.

              This is what pisses me off. There are 4 billion stories on here about inaccessibility. How many of us follow through? When I go somewhere I write in, sometimes even if it was good. How else will it change? Never have I had any of my friends follow through with the complaint department. NEVER. I'm still picking at a place in South Carolina that wouldn't let me on a trolley in May 2008. It takes time and frustration but DO IT. otherwise why would anything change????
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                There needs to be more rules and regulations . Its hard for anyone to understand unless they are liveing the same hells.
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                  Originally posted by lespaul View Post
                  There needs to be more rules and regulations . Its hard for anyone to understand unless they are liveing the same hells.
                  I know. People arer so ignorant.

                  Lespaul? Guitar fan?
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