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Seeking online (caregiver) workout buddy

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  • Seeking online (caregiver) workout buddy

    I've been using the fact that I'm a caregiver for my husband (c5-6) as an excuse for not taking care of myself physically. I also work full-time (no kids)and have an active social/community life. I joined Curves this week and plan to begin walking more. Looking for online support that will help me stay the course. I'm not a superwoman however I want to hold myself to a higher expectation re. self care. I'm a nurse so am too aware that after 50 I will soon begin to pay the price for a sedentary lifestyle. That would be bad for me and for Jim. Anyone else ready for to start taking care of yourself with the same committment that you take care of your loved one?

    BTW - I'm fairly new to these forums but have been posting in the Private Caregiver forums. Not alot of traffic there so bringing this question to the larger Caregiver forum.

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    Great idea! It's been a long winter, I had to insulate and it got out of hand. Walking and at home work-outs would work for me. How do you propose to do this?

    By the way, I'm Deb and am the caregiver for Jim also, but he's my brother. His MVA was almost 9 years ago and is c5 complete. We moved back here to Madison 3 years ago.


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      Great! Anyone else want to join in?

      We could do it a couple different ways - if there are a few of us we could just use this thread to state our SMART goal (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) and then decide how often we want to report in.

      I'm in MN so we get your weather about 12 hours before you do. It has been a long winter. I feel like I'm crawling out from my winter den.


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        Count me in

        I want to join your group. Im Darthe and the caregiver to my son, 7 years since injury, c 4,5. I am not able to leave him alone since he has many other health issues for the last few years. Last year I started on a good program by myself and I lost 50 pounds. Now after this very difficult and depressing winter, I find myself 18 pounds up. I have a "gazelle" set up in the garage and when I use it I see great results. I'm only dragging myself out there about ones a week for not very many minutes. I also go a great Palates tape that I've only done once. I need some motivation.

        "A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner"


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          Excellent!! Sorry for the delay in responding - I thought I'd get an email notice that someone else responded so now I know to check back often.

          Darthe - congratulations on your successful weight loss last year and together let's help get you back on track!

          Deb - are you still with us? And anyone else that wants to jump in and join us is welcome!!

          Let's start by making each one making a statement about your overall goal (weightloss, regular exercize, improved nutrition...) and be specific. I am a fan of clear emphatic "I will lose..." "I will exercize... etc" statements vs. "I plan to" or "I will try..." or "I want to...". Can we also commit to a minimum of a weekly check in to say how you are doing?

          Here is my goal: I will lose mimimum of 10 lbs by my 51st birthday (June 30, 2009). To accomplish this I will go to Curves 2-3 times per week and be "mindful" of my food intake.

          Who's next?


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            Just a heads up in case anyone is interested that I'm starting the new year with a blog with a positive focus on my self care. Check it out if this is of interest at :

            Happy New Year everyone!


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              My own agenda is to do a walking half-marathon on June 26th . . . got started thinking about this in Sept when I lost my 4-legged walking buddy and realized that I was going to have to have a new reason to get out there.

              I'm up to 4 miles every other day . . . need to keep at it & ramp it up slowly.

              Those of you who are still young, hope you're listening. It really does not get easier!

              Anyway -- whatever you have in mind, I'm glad to be in.


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                Really nice blog--love your ideas and how you have it laid out. I am both SCI as well as a caregiver for a son with complex pulmonary issues. His older brother aso has CP. I find I put myself on the backburner a lot.
                Every day I wake up is a good one