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So I put an ad on Craig's list Saturday...

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    It is risky having her there when you don't have much for her to do. Hopefully she won't get used to doing little, playing Wii etc. and then resenting it when you start having more to do. If you become too much like friends then it can feel awkward asking them to do things, when really it is their job and you should feel no different than any other boss telling their employee to do something.

    I have found that one of the worst things to do is run out of work for someone for the day and then let them leave a bit early. This often leads to having people rushing through their work and doing a sloppy job in the hopes that if they get whatever you are doing finished quick then they can get out early. Five minutes early can then be rushed into 10, to 15 and so on on a regular basis if you are not careful.

    With the rare, good attendant you can be friendly and casual while working together but will still get everything done right and without being rushed through. Someone good can also be let go for the day 5-15 minutes early on occasional days when things go smoothly and you get done early without forming bad habits and to balance it out in return is willing to stay an extra 5-15 minutes or more if needed on those days when you unexpectedly get behind schedule.


      Very true Jeff. I've been there many times.
      It's hard not to be friends. It's very tricky. I'm there again.
      But friends will also take good care of you. They care more.
      My pca & I go out for lunch.
      I'm friends w/her daughter, mother & father, and fiance.
      She leaves early when the regular things are done & stays late if needed.
      If I need her to do something extra "to her" still on work time,
      I have to switch to boss and nicely say what I need done before she can leave.
      She's always understood.
      But she knows if she needs off and asks, I'm her friend and will do what I can for her.
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        Originally posted by GoTWHeeLs View Post
        My brother just replied to a Veterans ad here. I know my brother pretty well and I still wonder if he is capable. He's caring and all, but he is a degenerate punk and I don't doubt this would be a horrible mistake for both parties involved. I'm trying to persuade my mom to not allow him to take this job and as of now she agrees.
        got wheels, you maybe should not underestimate your brother. He has been through a lifechanging thing too. my first husband, has two para brothers. He had a lot of guilt about being the walking one. He fell of the second story of church in Jr high and had some major injurys, But he recovered. the fate of his brothers affected him though. very much so. He may be just right for the job because of what he has had to cope with and what you and your family have had to cope with. Id be very proud of him if he has grown enough to try this type of work. I bet it turns out ok.