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my son is going home finally

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    my son is going home finally

    Hopefully by Thanksgiving or soon after my son will be home. our house is just about done with it's renovation. The ramp up to the kitchen is huge. it takes up almost half of our backyard. The elevator will be installed in a few weeks. The new bathrooms will be tiled by the weekend and all the hardwood floors will be resanded and revarnished.
    He has had 2 UTIs one atop another. He is tired as of late. He is able to feed himself and drink fluids with a straw. He has no wrists yet but they say they are coming. He can feel coldness atop of his wrist on the right (his stronger arm) now. He gets some e stim to his wrists and triceps now by OT. He has a tutor come during the week for school. He will start school in Jan. part time to start and then as he progresses to full time. and attend outpatient PT after school.

    He is going to the Shriner Hospital in Philly for a eval in the second week of Dec. Hopefully they can help him. We got our van now and we are ready for him to come home. We still do not know how much help we are going to get from the PCAs. My son has more bouts with despair as of late, but they say it is healthly for him to work through it. I hope so. So this is what is going on.

    #2 sounds like it will be a nice homecoming for your son. It is wonderful you are doing all this work to make things accessible for him. I wish you the best for his homecoming, and hopefully being home will help ease the depression he is having.

    Russ Byrd


      Joe, I'm glad that you will all be together soon. Sounds like you guys have really done a lot of work on your house. I think you will see a decrease in UTI's once he gets home, we did. As you know hospitals are the best places to get infections! Jim has had 2 UTI'S in 5 years, has a SP tube. Maybe the UTI's are draining his energy, or meds or just a down time for him. Is he in a power chair or manuel chair? We built a great desk for my brother that he can use in his power chair for his computer, it has a cutout for the joystick in 2 places. It is long, with a computer area and a reading area, using a bookstand I made. I'm glad you will be able to celebrate the holidays as a family. Debra


        Thanks for the update Debra ... you folks have been busy! Coming back together as a family after everything that's happened is a very significant event or at least it was in our house ... although it is my spouse that's injured not my child I suspect there are some similar feelings! It's kind of like that saying about "this is the first day of the rest of your life [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]" ... good luck with it all and I really do hope he is home for Thanksgiving!!

        Keep on keepin' on
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          He's probably at least a little scared at the prospect of going home. Like obie said, it's the 1st day of the rest of his life, but he has no way of knowing how or what that life will be. I was a grown woman who wanted to be home, but it was still very scary. Not knowing how to function, how your friends will react, how society in general will respond...there are a million unkowns.

          He's very lucky that he has such a family willing to do so much to help him.

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            Joe, as I've said before - it's all good! And good to hear you sounding a bit more upbeat, too!

            I think Bethany's right on, about going home being a little scary for him. Hell, it was scary for us as parents! He'll get through it, I know he will and you and your wife, too; you've all got so much wonderful support from family, friends, and classmates.

            Just remember one thing - remember to USE that support! Don't be too proud to ask someone to go grocery shopping for you, let 'em bring over as many casseroles as you can fit in the fridge - oh, and take some QUALITY time off for both you and your wife - together and separately!!

            And great news about Shriner's - keep us posted!

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