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    We just moved into a new house, and already everything is a mess. I think the bedroom is the only room without a ton of clutter in it, but thats because its all in the living room. The wireless mouse and keyboard is a great idea, he keeps dropping the keyboard off his lap while using it, very frustrating. The kitchen is my big problem, so if anyone has any good ideas for storage, that would be really cool. We have everything that would normally be in an upper cabinet on the counter top. Things are everywhere because I dont want to have to come running because he cant reach stuff. I was thinking of adding another storage area on the other side of the kitchen (where a table would normally go) so that everything is out of the way, but that may need to wait til after christmas. If you have any better ideas please share, because I cant even cut up vegies on the counter right now because of the clutter. Thanks again guys [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]


      Good question. We have the same problem. The lower cabinets are too low and the uppers are too high, so my counter tops look like yours. Does anyone have a normal looking home?


        I´m a T6, i found very usefull this reachers, that way i can grab things from the bed, and in the kitchen....



          I think debra and martha ought to go into business, with the rest of us as cheerleader/consultants. Not completely kidding! Improvising should not be necessary when so many people face the exact same problems.

          Why not a product line just for us?


            For my son, we use an open baby changing table. We got a plexiglas divided box with lids from ToysRus. It holds creams, lotions, q-tips, syringes, tape, etc. The plexi glass means you can see in. The open table allows for "stuff" on the top and bottom shelf with easy reach. Frequent cloths changes are put on the top shelf for easy retrieval. This by passes the dresser drawer and the need for pull out space.

            We use the pockets on the bed, both foot and headboard. Kids have "junk" that just has to be with them. They are responsible for putting away and retrieving.The pockets are good for books, remote controls, etc.
            Don't wake me because you can't reach your water! Even though my son is past the "sip cup" stage, he uses a Johnson and Johnson, no spill cup. He can leave it on the mattress and not a bit drops out. This was a major fix for us. No more wet sheets from water bottles.

            At an Ability Expo I saw hydrolic cupboards that lower down. They are slick looking, mount flush, easy to open, etc. All you have to do is push the button and they drop down. The cupboards are mounted on the wall and do away with counter clutter. I think I have their website if anyone is interested.

            Anyone with suggestions for the IV pole and the red syringe box?

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            Every day I wake up is a good one


              cheesecake, does your iv pole attach to the bed? or w/c? if you have aa area where you routinely do feedings, a plant hanger on the wall could be an option, they have really nice cast iron , antique-like ones that could hold a plant or mobile at other times. it could blend in in a kitchen, dining room or bedroom. i just recap needles and throw away, we don't have small children around, and since i know we are all hiv and hep c free, i figure the junkies would be lucky to get any needles from this house at the landfill! you could just use a pretty ceramic vase with a cork in the top, you wouldn't be able to cut the needle off. then just throw away in a used food jar when needed.


                Lilsister, please do not just throw your syringes in the trash!!! The sanitation worker who get stuck with this has no knowledge of the HIV (or other infectious status) of the user, and will probably have to be tested, go through worry, and may even be put on HIV drugs to treat any possible infection.

                If you do not want to use a red sharps box, put your syringes into an empty soda can, or a coffee can with a hole in the lid. Many health care facilities and even pharmacies will provide you with sharps containers for free, and some may even discard them for you as well.


                  relax, they are contained in a secure container, so my sanitation worker, chris, has no worries.


                    Actually I'm glad this came up because I've always just recapped Julian's insulin syringes and put them in the trash. Now I know better. So thanks to both of you for the education!


                      I think I managed to change things around kitchen pretty good, so Bob gets everything he needs (mostly snack, etc.). We have pull out drawers inside our lower cupboards so it's easy for him to look for anything he might need. Most of my cooking things have been removed and put in the higher places (he still can reach some of them with the reacher if he needs anything for cooking).

                      By the way, our closets are also starting to look like a pharmacy or a drug store... but I don't think we can help that... just shut the door ;-).

                      here's my dream kitchen... for him... ;-)