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    Interesting responses.

    I always find it a little weird when someone uses my chair. Not that I mind but it doesn't seem to visually compute (sorry if I'm not making sense) [img]/forum/images/smilies/confused.gif[/img]

    My wife has ridden mine a few times. Then she tried going up our driveway (fairly steep) and immediately wiped out. [img]/forum/images/smilies/eek.gif[/img]

    ...needless to say she doesn't ride it


      [/QUOTE] I know that Nicci it realitivly new to SCI issues and has some questions and is just trying to get some feedback so she doesn't step on any toes.[/QUOTE]

      Thanks, Brad.. guess I didn't clarify that.
      AB, Husband is c5-6 inc quad, 25 years post injury.


        MY son is in my chair everytime I'm out of it. I do hate seeing him in it though. I guess that's a father thing... I think everyone who dates or helps a person who is in a chair should spend some time in it moving around the house or the yard. It would help you to see how life and little things in the floor can make it hard to get around. If you really want to see how it feels to be in chair go out in public with it... If you have a extar chair goto the mall or out to eat and you'll really get the feel on how people treat you and looks at you differentlty.


          I have sat in my son's chair often and rolled around to get a sense of things in his perspective as best I could around the house, in the driveway, etc. and it has helped me to arrange/remodel/repair accordingly. I have also borrowed an old wheelchair from a friend to work with his puppy, trying to figure out the best way to train him.
          I have also put my son's leg braces on and attempted to lift myself off the bed, etc. and this has helped us too. Just like propping pillows as he needed until he decided to sleep prone and even then...learning what was pulling or became uncomfortable after awhile.
          Personally, I think if this is your loved one, why not?
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            Originally posted by SCI-Nurse:

            In addition, you never know who may have had a recent accident!

            KLD, Do you go around telling the AB world thats impolite to sit in SCI chairs? You'll have the AB world thinking hey dont sit in sci chairs they may have poop or wet there undies.. LOL

            btw My cousin was sittin in my chair, while I was in the shower. I let him sit there, me knowing that my condom cath came off.. I was lmao while in the shower..


              I think the responses here are interesting. It is fun to see the perspectives from all directions ...Nicci this was a great question...

              Many years ago I was the girlfriend of a guy in a chair. I sat in it now and again, but was usually gingerly careful because we were at school and if it broke it just complicated issues for him. I did make an attempt on a hill once too, and wiped out to my embarassment, and was content to leave that skill to him from then on.

              As a nurse I would never sit in a patient's wheelchair, nor would I sit in transport chairs or rehab chairs. I agree with KLD that in the relationship of nurse to patient that WOULD be rude. In the personal relationships of friends and lovers, and parents and is all a decision that the chair owner gets to make.

              Nicci there is nothing weird about it either way...sitting in it or not. Just be sure he is ok with it.

              AND MADDDY.....AS FOR YOU.....sigh....LOL...behave yourself!!!

              Miss M


                Tigger, very good point.


                  Pretty much all my friends and every girl I've ever dated has sat in and played around in my chair, I just warn them to be careful not to flip it which some end up doing anyway.
                  One time I took a girlfriend on a bike trail that I push often and had her push with me using my other chair. There was this lil 1/2" ledge in one spot she needed to pop a lil wheelie over but was struggling trying to get over it, and as I was sitting there telling her how to do it and laughing at her these two teenage girls came walking up and were all sympathetic to her and pulled the front of the chair up it for her before we could say anything about her not really being disabled. lol


                    Hi, I'm Nicci's boyfriend,
                    A Pt got in a chair once to illustrate how to pull a wheely, she flipped, was hurt badly, no paralysis, butthat instilled in me a fear/responsibility to warn those that try.

                    I agree there is a sense of need to sympathize with our condition but it frightens me to see the possibility of a new "member" of our society, landing wrongly on my chair


                      My sister sits in mine all the time when I'm not in it...she says it's comfortable. LOL I keep telling her that karma is going to come back to bite her and one of these days she'll need one for real, but she won't listen. :P

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                        When I'm not in it, my husband treats my chair just like any other chair in the house. The first time he did it, I was very wierded out, but now I think it's a good thing. I think it helps demystify it. He's always been very matter-of-fact about my use of it, but I think that when others see him in it it helps them see it as not unusual. I like that; I always think that, when that happens, people may be more inclined to see memeas not unusual, too.


                          anytime I am not in my chair (on the floor or couch or something) my husband may play in it (do wheelies) my nieces and nephews do it too..

                          Ithink they are just a bunch of goof balls (not in a bad way tho)

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                            I think it is all up to the respective owner of the chair. My ex bf would offer it when he'd go for a lie down or be on the ground somewhere to relieve pressure. He'd take the pad...I'd get the bare chair. Tarmac makes your butt dirty. [img]/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif[/img] He uses it as an extra chair at his place if he's on the couch or sitting on the bed or on his theraball at his desk. It's a mobility device AND a piece of furniture. I would always wait for him to offer it though.

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                              My ex boyfriends uncle was in a wheelchair due to a gunshot wound to the head. His boys would always play in his wheelchair and we told them they were jinxing themselves. I had never even sat in a wheelchair prior to my sci. Needless to say, I was the one that ended up in one for now.

                              About others sitting in my chair. One day at therapy an older man sat and started playing in mine. I freaked out. As much as I hate this chair it is mine and I'm kinda protective of it. The man called it my chariot and said it wasn't so bad. I told him it's a lot different when you have the option to get right up out of it.

                              I was protective like that with my cervical collar I so claimed I would throw into a bonfire after I rid myself of it...I still got that bastard [img]/forum/images/smilies/rolleyes.gif[/img]
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                                I don't mind people sitting in my chair as long as it's not a complete stranger. I also hate if I'm out somewhere and not sitting in my chair and somebody throws their coat over the back of it like it's a coat rack. That really pisses me off. People get cussed out everytime.

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