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    Originally posted by jccarolina
    Hi dsgirl
    Nice to meet another NC person here. Welcome to the group. Hope you come often and find all the support you need here here.
    Hi jccarolina! Thanks for the warm welcome! Yayy more carolina girls
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      Hi jccarolina,

      Are you aware that there's a support group for people with SCI (and spouses/partners who want to attend) that meets monthly in Charlotte. If you're interested in attending some time, let me know and I'll give you information on times, dates, location, etc.
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        I seem to be stuck, for lack of a better word, in this place where I am still very nervous about being away from Danine. Although she seems to be moving along emotionally and has a lot of confidence, I still worry that if I'm not right there with her that she may find herself in some crazy situation where she may injure herself further. I'm still not at a place where I can relax and not worry.
        I am so right there with you. I am very anxious about Megan driving because it scares me to no end. Even though she's so excited about it and it's another stepping stone to her full independence, I can't help but worry.

        (Sorry this is Shannon under Megan's username)
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          For Shelby, Danine, Megan and Shannon-

          I"m really glad you're all here. It truly warms my heart to read all of your posts about loving each other, being there for each other. It's what love's supposed to be about, but - yeah - sometimes life throws some major curveballs at one and love does not make it easy. For both those who are injured, and those who love them, it's easier when you have each other for support.

          I"m sorry I didn't reply sooner. Keeping it real, Danine-
          Debbie's MRSA blood infection is back. Or - more likely - it's probably never really left since this nightmare began in Jan. of this year. She had an Indium scan done recently. The doc was hoping it might show where in Debbie's body the MRSA is hanging out, but it revealed nothing helpful. Now she is becoming pretty intolerant to the Vancomycin. She's having to take a day off from it about every third day to handle it at all. The Vancomycin obviously does not seem to be eradicating the MRSA yet, so I wonder - can it at all? And the strain of staph she has is resistant to other meds soooo... we're running out of options.

          I have seen Debbie beat some pretty stiff odds before. As long as she has the strength and will to fight, I"m right there with her. Realistically, I'd be a fool if I weren't worried, though, and I know she's worried, too. Usually she is the cockeyed optimist who tells me I worry too much and she'll be fine,so if she's worried, it tells me how tough this battle is.

          When time and mental energy allow, I'll be around. I hope all is well with all of you and I"m sorry we dont' live closer to NC to meet you. Take care.
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            Hoping Things Will Get Better Soon

            Kendell, I'm really sorry that you and Debbie are having such a hard time. MRSA seems to be on the increase in this country and is (as you know)very difficult to treat. I will certainly be thinking of you and sending you positive energy. It would be nice if you lived closer and perhaps we will meet in person someday. For now, please don't hesitate to write...feel free to PM as well...whenever you need to talk. Tell Debbie that Shelby and I say hello and send well wishes her way.
            "The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off." -Gloria Steinem