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Am I being selfish?

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    Well we are all human and we are going to experience those emotions whether we want to or not. I useually find that caregiving on your best days is great, on the other hand if i'm not up to par I try to steer clear of any situation that will agrivate me! sometimes you just have those moments with your patient where you just need to step out of the room and take a break.
    I had an end stage alzheimer's patient and she would say the meanest things and some days you just get tired of laughing it off you know? I just take each client day by day and issue by issue..ect. caregiving can require a lot of imagination, so i have a blast trying to figure out what works and does not work.
    be glad your able to vent. I find if i have someone to talk to about it and talk it out.. i am able to deal better. nobodys superhuman - nobodys perfect.
    Dont feel bad about getting angry or resentfull.. just forgive yourself and move on. I think a lot of people have a hard time forgiving themselves over stuff they feel that they did wrong. (not that you did anything wrong)

    venting is a good thing! i dont know why it works but it does. we all need a friend to talk to .
    I have an anonymous person who happend to come accross recently and I will vent to this person or talk to them about stuff that is bothering me. Its agreed that we don't become "friends" but this person is there to offer advice for me and this person actually does this on purpose for people online. This person i'd say is a God send for me. ( i dont even know what they look like!)
    Well if you've gotten this far - thanks for reading - happy posting!
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