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The wonderful world of finding an aide!

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  • The wonderful world of finding an aide!

    We're going to write a book on our experiences trying to hire aides! We recently placed an ad in two large NJ papers, for a part-time evening aide for our son. Got lots of responses, and set up interviews with about 4 people, all really well qualified. One guy never came, said he wasn't really interested; another guy interviewed, we offered the job, then he called back and said he'd found another job! One young woman - who pleaded with me on the phone to let her interview - never showed up for the interview - never called back - wouldn't accept our calls. Another young woman interviewed, accepted the job, worked one night, and never came back or called!

    It's truly bizarre - my husband thinks there's a conspiracy - someone lurking in the ozone, whispering in peoples' ears about the 'dead bodies in the basement'!

    We've since posted flyers, and even called two of the Russian churches in the area (lots of Russkies in NJ who were in the health care field and can't get licensed here), with no luck.

    And yet we hear about the rising unemployment rates from the government, and people whining that there are no jobs. ARRRGH!!

    We're interviewing a fellow this afternoon who replied to one of our flyers - he's a Muslim from Pakistan!!?!?! Been here since last March; says he was a banker/social worker/security guard! Don't want to seem prejudiced, but my suspicions are running very high!! Probably won't hire him, but he should be an interesting interview! My husband spoke with him and set the interview up - I had nothing to do with it! Will follow up to let y'all know what happened - who knows, he could be our dream aide! [img]/forum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]

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    Thats quite funny Jackie, if it wasn't so sad and true. We still don't have a nurse aid for Justin.We lost ours at the beginning of Dec.and we might get him back sometime early Jan.We have to work thru an agency because Justin is on medicare, medicaid.I hope and pray for the best aid you can get. Maybe it's Gods weening process to give His best for your son?It's always hard to see whats really going on and why things are happening but something good will come.


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      Okay, followup - had our interview this afternoon; interesting gentleman - moved here in March from Pakistan with his family after drawing a 'lottery' (I guess for exit visas?). No health experience, tho, and could only work two nights; is looking to set up his own business here - in 'foreign money exchange'?! Oh, well, the search goes on.

      Joseph, the only thing that keeps us going is the thought that there IS some grand plan to all this! [img]/forum/images/smilies/rolleyes.gif[/img]


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        You and me both, Jackie [img]/forum/images/smilies/rolleyes.gif[/img]


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          Very lucky

          We are fortunate to have the PCA from heaven...lives in with my parents and does my mother's care daily, plus works 3 12 hour shifts as a CNA at a local hospital. Went through some duzzies before we found her though. She was looking for PCA work while working agency at a local nursing home, and we found her by letting other aides there know we were looking to hire. Have had some previous luck with college students, esp. those in the healthcare fields, but turnover is pretty high as they get other jobs or graduate eventually. Foreign nurses (not licensed here) can be a little risky as often their training is poor and generally they are too bossy.

          Here are some resources for those who are looking for PCAs: