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Whats that Gel-like stuff??

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  • Whats that Gel-like stuff??

    Ok boys and girls, this is pretty gross and im quite embarrased to ask it but here it goes..After I "go", and then do a didge. stim to make sure "it" all came out, theres this NASTY<STINKY< GEL-LIKE stuff, on my glove..what teh hell is that? does that mean "YOUR DONE" or what?
    As you all know im quit new to this whole thing. Ive had accidents with bowels, where itll smeel like i went but theres nothing there but this gel-like stuff.

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    Check Out the

    "Rectal Jelly" post under Life Forum. It is gross, but not uncommon. Good Luck!


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      The "gel" you speak of, could perhaps be the enema itself.
      I use Dulcolax micro enema's which are different than the "bullets".
      After the initial dig (to make sure your not impacted with stool) the micro tube is squeezed so as to shoot the enema liquid into your system.
      The liquid has to get onto the bowel lining to stimulate your body functions.
      In my case, after my b/c is finished, I'm usually left with this gooy type gel, which is the micro enema itself.
      Always make sure with your initial dig, that your not impacted with stool. If you are, you should gently remove/dig this out so that the enema may get onto the bowel lining.
      If it's pushed into a lump of stool, then it isn't going to be effective.
      That's from my experience anyway. Hope it helps.



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        Recommend drinking "Senna" herbal tea the night before your bowel program - it works as a natural laxative - It has eliminated the need for colace pills for me and never have a problem with "accidents" after using the tea and no gel like substance either. granted, I still need a silver bullet to get things rolling. Hope this helps


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          mucous, ky jelly, perhaps some loose stool


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            gelly looking stuff...iiiiiikki!

            thank you all so much for your input. im goin to trythe tea thing and see if that helps. Im taking peri-colaice at night only now, and the senokot maybe every other day if needed. can i jsut get this tea at any store?? tahnk you


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              mucous...your spincter is closed and it's the "that's all folks" reply of your body...make sure you relax and perhaps do a bottle of water to prevent any leakage. (Fill up the empty fleets with like-warm tap water,squeeze like a regular fleets in the rectum, bearing down while you push in, and then let the water out immediately,push or didge)



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                you can pick up the Senna tea at any Natural health food store - just ask for it !


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                  Senna tea is just a different form of the same senna in Sennakot. Long term chronic use of a stimulant laxative like this can predispose you to development of megacolon. Occasional use when taking narcotics or for brief periods does not appear to be harmful.


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                    .."Ikkkiy stuff..

                    thank you all for your replys! now i know just what taht nasty, ikkkkiy stuff is. guess its all part of being a "new-bee!"