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    Obie have to let you know I could relate...we've not had a showerchair and doing bed baths and bowels in bed for 3 years has been awful...thanks to princessturk we found a chair priced right...the first shower last week my son didn't want the warm water to stop, lol...I was scared to death because we had never been trained "how To"...he's 230 pounds to my 120 and is prone to passing out on me..
    Oklahoma rehab you believe the hospital did NOT have a showerchair for a quad? they showered him once in a run of the mill chair and when he passed out and then AD started they simply said no more showers...I feared a soapy body falling forward...which was why I felt we needed a reclining chair...anyways, I'm sure we'll be pro's in no time...have a few questions that I'd like to "ask in the private forum...the main reason it took me so long joining in on the forums was beside not feeling like I had anything to offer was putting my son "out there in cyberland" with personal issues...thank you so much! judy