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    Time Management

    Hi Marmalady,

    I am a spouse care giver. My husband is a C-5. The best way for time management for us has been to plan ahead of an event. Even then we are sometimes late. We try to organize things the day before. Time management has taken a while to get used to, we have only been married one year 4 months. I have learned that things go a lot smoother if we are prepared. I have shared with my husband that I need time during the day that I can just collect my thoughts and do something for myself. He is eager for this because he knows my health and well being are important for our marriage.
    Another thing, we usually have a schedule for the day/week that we go by. This can be a pain if you do not like schedules, but it helps to keep the stress level down. :-)
    Let me know what you all do!

    re; time management

    Thanks for the tips; we try to keep schedules, but more often than not, live mostly a zen existence, "living in the moment"! It always seems that things come up at the last minute! [img]/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif[/img]


      Time Management

      Don't forget the other side of the coin - the person you are caregiving for can assume part of the responsibility for getting you all out the door on time.

      My hubby has a c5 injury also - to get out the door on time he is responsible for the washing up, teeth and shaving, dressing the top I do the bottom. While he's doing his 1/2 I do me, this way we can be up at 5:45, out the door at 6:15 and both of us to work by 7:00. When we travel he takes on making a list of everything that needs to go for him, if he can get it to the door or suitcase he does, that way all I have to think about is what I want to take and pack for him off the list. He also packs for his service dog.

      Even stuff as simple as a trip to an unfamiliar part of town - he plans the route all I have to do is drive