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    Looking for some Ideals

    Thank you all in advance.

    I am looking for options for my father (53 years old) he 2 years post complete C 6 quad. He has no finger movement, he is unable to transfer himself. Up until this a while ago my mother has been his primary caregiver, since then my mother been diagnosted with cancer and can no longer to the daily task of getting him up, range of motion and care for his wounds. I live 2 hours away and can not move back home to take over his care. I am a only child and my father family would not assit in his care. Currently a high school friend has taken over. But i am lookin at more of the long term.

    I do not want to put him in a nurseing home cause that would not be good for him. I am looking at eather renovating my house or purchasing new one to move him in with me, but wondering if there are other options out there.

    I am not sure if assiteded living facility would be able to get him out of bed and in to bed. then let him do what he normally does durring the day.

    As of next month he will be on Medicare or caid (can't remeber which) and we will see if this provides any better assitance. but we don't have much hope.

    So in short what I'm looking for is name of types of facilities that might what I'm looking for.

    Thanks again,

    Unfortunately, there are not all that many solutions out there, but what comes to mind is his own apartment, either with you or alone, and then have paid personal care attendants to help him get up in his chair, dressed, and so forth. Once he is on Medicare/caid some of this will be paid for, although probably not enough if he is use to having 24 hour a day help. At C6 he really doesn't need 24 hour help though if enough planning is put into his day. Things like meals on wheels can help bring him lunch perhaps, or whoever helps in the morning can fix him a sandwhich to have later. Thermoses are great, and can be filled either by you or a helper in the morning with his supply of coffee, water, juice for the hours you are at work or he is alone. If there is a paratransit system where you live he would be able to out occasionally during the day, assuming he has a power chair, even if just for a change of scenery. You could get him a life alert button so that he could ring for help in the off chance that he ran into a major problem. They can be worn around the neck and the back of a palm can push it down enough to alert the folks on the other end.