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To rub or not to rub, that is the question

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    To rub or not to rub, that is the question

    For some unkown reason, pressure from something is causing red spots on my spine that remain for a few days. If I remember correctly, I have read that it is better to rub cream/lotion around the sore rather than on the sore. Is this accurate?
    On a side note, the cream I use is a mixture of aloe, tea tree oil, and emu oil. Is this good for red spots?

    Aloe & tea tree oil are ok. I have never heard of emu oil- isn't an emu an animal???
    It is okay to apply lotion directy on the red spots on your back- dont rub red spots in your calves/legs as these may be blood clots and could be dislodged. and travel to the lungs.

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