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Bladder Stone removal post op

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    Bladder Stone removal post op

    I wonder if you guys have some advice as I am running into walls and so is my man. My name is Monika and my fiancé, Jeremy, is a quad in Bundaberg Australia.

    He is a C5/C6 quad for 9 years now and last month he has a bladder stone removal op - there were 11 so they has to make a huge incision and he was sent home with an IDC and instructions to keep the bag on and not let the bladder get full, basically nothing else. He had a problem on the train though, and i think everything stems from this - his cath kinked and his bladder filled - they only noticed late into the trip and obviously this caused bleeding etc etc....4 days later in the evening when over the toilet, the wound site started bleeding quite badly. They left it over night to settle but by the next morning the towel he wears over his lap to hold the cath in place was soaked in blood. He went to the hospital and they said it was a haematoma, not to worry, it is normal, go rest up for a few days. Which is what he did. Now it is 6 days later and there is no more blood exiting, but like a clear fluid. This morning it is a bit stinky, the wound seems to be opening, and black stuff is exiting too (we think old blood). He goes back to the hospital and they confirm that it is urine, exiting the wound. OMG. So they say they have to operate again tomorrow, fix the leaking bladder, and leave the wound open to heal?
    Is this normal?
    Why are they doing it?
    How do you heal if they do not stitch?

    I am so worried and it is worse because at the moment I am in Spain and he is in Australia (I am in the process of moving there) Can someone give me any hope? Is there anything I need him to tell the doctors to be aware of except AD and pressure areas (this is not a hospital that seems to have any knowledge or exposure to SCI and we are going to do the best we can to make sure they know what they need to know)

    I would really appreciate any glimmer of hope or assitance
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