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    toe infection

    went n say the doc today bout my big toe. theres alot of swelling around it and some puss is starting to seep out. doc pescribed some meds and then i have to go see him again tommorrow then we'll see if i need to go hospital to get the puss removed.

    just wondering if this is common with spinal injury, cause this is such an unusual infection. has anyone encountered the same problem and how long has it set you back? cause i dont want this to interfer with my rehab.
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    It sounds like you have a badly infected ingrown toenail. This is very common in SCI, and needs to be caught early to prevent bad infections. It is also a common cause of AD.

    Unless you have developed cellulitis (redness and swelling, even streaks going up your foot to your leg) I don't see why you would need hospitalization. We treat these on an outpatient basis. It is likely that you need to have at least part of the toenail excised, which is an office procedure that a good podiatrist (chiropodist) can do. You probably do need to be on antibiotics now.

    Once this has cleared up, get instructions on how to properly cut your toenails. Doing this improperly increases your risks for ingrown toenails.

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      I just had an ingrown toenail last week. It was red & a little bit of puss. I went to my pcp, he numbed it up (real fun trying to stick the needle in my toe with foot and leg spasms) and took the nail right off. Prescribed antibiotics for 5 days. Said & done, now I just have to wait for the nail to grow back.
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