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    New leakage

    My dad is a t5-complete as of 09-09-07. He caths himself 5x/day...and until recently, has had no problems of leakage. however, once last week (after having two caths of 1,000! eek!) he did have a little leakage. The problem seemed to resolve itself...until today. He cathed at 10:30 (which was around 400), went to his chiro appt, and then leaked. We immediately changed him and he cathed again, around 2:00. However, again (within ten minutes) he leaked again...immediately after his cath.

    He has not seen anyone for this problem, nor is he on any meds, because it hasnt really been an issue up to this point. Just wondering if there is anything that he may be doing wrong...such as not emptying completely? (Though I wouldnt think this was the problem, as he only caths in bed, while laying down because he doesn't believe that he is able to fully empty his bladder while seated in his chair)

    In fear of UTI, we began to give him cranberry juice in the morning...could this be the cause? Or his chiro appt?

    Any suggestions/comments will be greatly appreciated...especially since we are leaving this Saturday to fly down to GA to the Shepherd Center! In addition, the accidents really really embarrass him...

    With a new injury like this, it is very likely that what you are seeing is his bladder finally start to come out of the spinal shock. He needs to see a good neurologic urologist, get urodynamics done, and get started on meds to control the leakage and probable high pressures he has. This should be done while he is a Shephard Center. Until then, he should use an external condom catheter to keep himself dry between caths.

    He should cath 6X daily (yes, even at night) and keep his volumes below 450 cc. by planning his fluid intake around his caths. We recommend 2.5 quarts daily, avoiding caffeine, and taking 1/2 of the total before noon, and none after 6PM. If he caths properly, there is no reason he cannot cath in his chair and fully emply, and it is much more practical to do it this way if he is going to get back to an active lifestyle and not be homebound.

    1 glass of cranberry juice daily is pretty much worthless. To make a difference in UTIs (e. coli only) you need to drink several quarts or take cranberry capsules.

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