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BAD bladder infection?

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    BAD bladder infection?

    I've got a bladder infection called staff O or something with an O. The have me on Vancomycin through a pic. line at home after 2 nights in hospital. Wondering how I got it, thought it was usually caused in hospital settings and plus I do have an indwelling s.p. Also in the hospital I was getting 2 doses of antibiotic's dailey now just 1 dose been a week now and I seemed to be getting better in hospital and now the main symptom I had before is starting up again bad leg, lower abdomen and bad bladder spasms. Thought maybe the 2 Doses were fighting it better. Appreciate any help or thoughts.

    cinci- the infection is called staph aureus. The antibiotic dosing is based on levels in your blood. Before you left the hospital they might have done levels to determine the correct dose. They do sometimes do loading doses to get the antibiotic into your system and then back off based on the blood levels.
    With that said though, if you are having the symptoms that started when you got the infection, I would contact your physician and tell him/her.

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