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docusate sodium vs. docusate calcium?

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    docusate sodium vs. docusate calcium?

    what is the difference btwn these 2 stool softeners?

    Ducosate sodium (Colace, DSS) and Ducosate calcium (Surfax) are pretty much interchangeable, but there are more generic (cheaper) versions of DSS, and generally you will save money on the ducosate sodium vs. the calcium.

    The salt forms of docusate (e.g., docusate sodium, docusate potassium, or docusate calcium) are considered clinically interchangeable in terms of therapeutic effect; each provides minimal amounts of the associated cations. Docusate was approved by the FDA in 1957 and is available for non-prescription (OTC) use in the US.

    Mechanism of Action: Docusate is an anionic surfactant (i.e., a surface-active agent). It lowers the surface tension at the oil-water interface of the feces, allowing water and lipids to penetrate the stool. This helps to hydrate and soften the fecal material, facilitating natural defecation. At usual recommended doses, docusate exhibits little intrinsic stimulatory actions and thus cannot be considered a laxative. Docusate has a delayed onset of action, with softening of the stool becoming apparent after 1-3 days of therapy.
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      Is one stronger than the other??

      Docusate Calcium only comes in 240mg compared to Docusate Sodium at 100mg. Does one have more Docusate? The Docusate Calcium seems to be stronger to me. I'm not sure because I take sennakot also and every day is different. Please let me know.