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burnt by heated car seat

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    Originally posted by november
    Ha, that made me laugh.



      We with sci have to use common sense whereas it doesn't apply to ABd folk. I check my car seat in the hot summer each time before I transfer into it, just to make sure I'm not gonna burn my butt. Having said that, in a cold car such thoughts probably wouldn't occur, and the matter of a burnt butt might slip one's mind, so there oughta be a warning of some type, somewhere where the owner or passenger will realize the danger before it becomes a reality.

      About 3 months ago, pouring boiling water into my instant cup of coffee, I missed (I know, after 22 years you'd think I'd know better). Well, I missed a whole lot, and the water went onto my foot, which was covered in a sock at the time. By the time I got the sock off, I had a huge blister that had formed and popped and was leaking all kinds of nasty fluids. Which only reinforces my point above about needing to use common sense, of which I used very little that day, actually, every morning I do the same thing, but am now a bit more careful.

      It's just now healed, but there'll be a big red scar on the top of my right foot forevermore. I didn't go to the doctor, I've burnt myself before, and wasn't in the mood to listen to him explain to me how being paralyzed I might be more careful about the parts of my body that I can't feel. But he's still a nice guy, anyway, and all my losses in his incident only amounted to about 60 socks covered in blood, which I tossed. My method of healing was to swab the oozing mass of deeply burned tissue with anti-biotic cream, and pull a sock over it, and go on with the day.

      I know I'm lucky, though, being a thoracic level injury.

      But if a car seat is gonna burn a paralyzed person's butt, they surely need to be forewarned in a mannner that will catch their eye, and not buried in the fine print of the owner's manual somewhere.
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