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    i just noticed this yesterday right above my tailbone. when i do my skin inspections i usually look at the part of my butt that i sit on. anyway, i haven't checked in a couple of days and never noticed what appeared to be a blood blister. i accidentally popped it and immediately put neosporin and a bandage on it. i had left over antibiotics from a burn a while back and started taking them. what could this be from? it's not a sore,right? should i see a doctor?

    Great that you're doing regular skin checks otherwise you might have missed this. Do them daily and look at all surfaces.

    It's hard to tell exactly what the blood blister is from but usually it is from some sort of trauma or maybe pressure. Perhaps you were lying on something.

    Best is to leave it alone and don't pop it but, as with you, sometimes it opens accidentally.
    Clean it daily with saline (if you have it, otherwise soap and water) and apply neosporin 1-2x daily as you have been.

    Oral antibiotics are usually not necessary unless you are very prone to infections of the skin. Inspect it daily noting any change and stay off the area as pressure will worsen it.

    See a doctor if it worsens ( gets larger, drains pus, develop fever, gets hot/red/swollen).

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