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    I have used a corset for many years and
    I am tired of it so I and considering
    a lipo what would be the difference
    between a lipo and a tommy tuk in a normal
    abdomen and in a sci with no inervation
    in the abdomen?

    EL, Liposuction is not innocuous. I don't know whether your doctor is planning general or local anesthesia. The latter is safer. However, liposuction is associated with significant blood loss, protein less, and general surgical trauma from removing tissues from your body. It is not unusual for people to become anemic and have fainting episodes after the procedure. Regarding the use of marlex and other supporting materials, there is the risk of surgical infection and other problems associated with the placement of a foreign object in your body.

    Assuming that you accept all the above risks, there is one other that you need to consider. Your stomach muscles are lax and your gut is protruding. In order to work, any supporting material must be anchored somewhere. The question is where. When surgeons use marlex or other materials to correct a hernia, the marlex usually is anchored to surrounding muscles. In your case, however, it is unclear where the mesh would be anchored to. There is no leverage. Therefore, in my opinion, unless it is very carefully thought out, it will not really reduce your abdomenal protrusion by all that much.

    No matter what you decide to do, remember that it is best to stage surgical procedures rather than doing it all in one fell swoop. By spreading out the trauma to your body, the side effects will be less.


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