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A little leakage-Help!

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    A little leakage-Help!

    Help for a friend:

    "I just had a quick question. I've been having a little leakage lately
    and wondered if anyone is on Ditropan or Detrol t help control bladder
    issues. I'm currently on two 4mg caps of Detrol LA. I'm going to see my
    urologist and wanted to have a ballpark figure of average medication
    doses before I saw my doc. Does anybody else have the problem of
    erratic urine volumes or abnormally large volumes without any fluid


    Sounds like you are taking an adequite dosage. Talk to your Doc about alternative meds like Sanctura, Ditropan XL, or maybe you could try a patch. Everybody is different, what works for one, may not work for another, plus our bodies change as we age. There is also the possibility of Bladder Instillation using Ditropan. Might want to do a search on that using the find feature at the top of the page. Quite a few here have benefited from this, a lot of docs dont even know about this yet though.
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