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fusion and bone growth stimulators

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  • fusion and bone growth stimulators

    Hi all, It's 1 week today since i had my back surgery to remove the rods from t11-l3 and besides the incision pain i have with a few extra sensitive spots i can actually lay down and have my back feel pretty normal. I am wearing a TLSO brace for 3+ months becuase not all of the bones fused after my first surgery 2.5 years ago. Doctors say probably becuase of the infection on the bone i had. I am supposed to have one of these bone stimulators arrive in the mail sometime soon and was wondering if anyone wore one and had good results? I have to get these vertabra's to fuse or i may face another surgery. Thanks!

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    Hi Adam,
    Welcome back. I don't know anything about the stimulators, Dan was supposed to have one (ordered by the ortho doc) but never did. Don't know why but....oh well.
    Anyway, take your vitamins, include protein drinks from a health food store (Spirutene). It is all so important.
    Keep us posted,