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    Skin Tag

    What can be done for skin tags? I have one that keeps tearing and seems to be a source of AD. Also, they bleed like crazy. Anyway to get rid of them to stop AD?
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    Yes, a pair of forceps dipped into liquid nitrogen. Dermatologist out patient. Fast. Works.



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        I used a tag on my eye lid not eye brow area to check out a plastic surgeon if I ever need one. His assistant pretreated the tag with a cotton swap dab of a topical local like xylocaine. After a few minutes the doc came in, double checked that was the tag I wanted removed and then just snipped it. Barely hurt I was so surprised. Tight tiny little bandaid and that was it. Oh, pre local it was also swapped with betadine. The next day the bandaid was off and no one could tell it was ever there.

        With a previous visit to discuss a small cyst and a, to me, suspicious mole it was still rather pricey. I did it this way because you can never tell when a flap is in order. Or I decide to get a few disfigurements fixed caused by injury, disease, medical condition or illness. IOWs the quad gut and possible boob job. Disfigurements are covered by my insurance while skin tags are if I go to a dermatologist.

        But I am showing the freezing method to the spousal unit. He gets them right where his shirt collar and tie rub all around his neck. This looks easier, less painful than the way his dermatologist snips now and the no bleeding is a big bonus too.

        Wise, any idea if this keeps tags from reappearing like warts? Maybe retiring the suit life in a few years will stop them. LOL
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          This is the first time I ever heard of a "skin tag". The name sounds nasty.

          I wouldn't recommend this but as a kid in the early 60s I remember my father tying a piece of 6 pound test monofilament fishing line around a wart-like thing on his neck and trimming off the excess line. It didn't cut totally through it (it must have hurt like hell... but he was old-school.. no doctors) but it cut-off the blood supply and I guess it just died "on the vine" so to speak. Dear ol' Dad.... what a trip. Not dissimilar to how they remove some hemorrhoids these days... but with small rubber bands.

          He cleaned the area with rubbing alcohol first... I guess to make it hurt even more!

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            I develop skin tags where my back is in constant contact with my w/c. I have full sensation there being a para, and they get irritated and become painful. My family doc has removed them in his office. Not bad for a $5 co-pay.


              I had a doctor tell me if you had several skin tags you should have your colon checked because people with tags had a tendency to have polyps. When I had mine checked and sure enough I had one.


                I never had a dr. tell me that, but I've had three colonoscopies and had polyps all three times. Maybe there's something to it. I get a colonoscopy every three years. If I get through one without polyps, it can be extended to five years.


                  grans used to have them. She would tie a thread around the base, then they would fall off.