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    My husband just over 1 yr. post has been experiancing worsening spasms over the past 6 months. We do not want to do anything to prevent healing and regeneration of the nerves and injury (C-5, C-6). Especially since we are about to begin a very intense workout program with an FES bike and a strenuous workout program. Please help what is the answer? Neurontin doesn't do anything and we heard baclofen was not good when you are trying to recover so we got off of it about 3 weeks ago, but pill form didn't seem to help anyway. Any ideas? Thanks!
    Jenny- recovered C-6, C-7

    Micheal- recovering C-5, C-6

    I take baclofen, dantrolene and ditropan for spasms. I try to minimize the meds by trying to find out what causes the spasms. Some things I have found that decrease spasms
    -I have a homemade standing machine. After 15-30 minutes standing, spasms really calm down.
    -A warm bath helps
    -Ditropan calms the baldder which reduces spasms
    -Trapped gas causes spasms. So, I modified my diet to reduce gas. Anything you can do to get that out may help.
    -Stretching can help. Massage and range of motion exercises can as well. I usually am calm for a while after PT.