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Dizzy in the morning

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    Dizzy in the morning

    I am the caregiver for my mother who lives some distance away. She has complained about being dizzy in the morning for several weeks now and has overlooked mentioning this to her doctor. She will see the doctor again next Monday and I have insisted that she bring this topic to his attention. Mother is 85, has some degree of osteoporosis, takes oxygen at night, but otherwise in fairly good physical and mental shape. Could the dizziness be symptomatic of something else? If so, please advise.

    Does she have a spinal cord injury? If so, this could be contributing to her dizziness.

    Is she dizzy while still laying down, or only when she sits or stands? How long does it last?

    At her age, the major concern would be that she has some type of heart dysrythmia. Do you take her blood pressure? If not, can you get a BP device and take it several times daily both when she has symptoms and when she does not? A little log like this would give her physician a lot more information. If you know how to take a pulse, take this at the same time; not only for rate (beats per minute) but also to see if it is regular or irregular.

    It would also be important to be sure she is not dehydrated, as this can contribute to dizziness.

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      I will see her in a few days and check to see if the dizziness is still there then monitor the pulse and blood pressure.