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cup mounting for chair

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    cup mounting for chair

    Is there a company that makes a cup that mounts on the chair (anywhere) with a straw that can placed near to get a drink. I'm a full quad with no arm movement. Thanks

    I have no movement also and this is what I use. It keeps the straw in one place all the time.


      There are several options for this. Many of my clients just get a large insulated plastic mug, insert a length of extension tubing (suction canister tubing works well) and attach one end to their chair chin control or sip and puff arm. This can be done in bed too...just be sure the jug is lower than the level of the bed or you will siphon it all onto you when you suck! Be sure to blow the water in the tubing back into the jug with a puff of air when done drinking.

      If you want a commercial product, many use the Camelbak which you can get at many sporting goods stores or hikers' or runners' supply outlets. This tubing can also be placed wherever you want it:


      There is also a nice one designed specifically for wheelchairs that some like the Drink-Aide

      Others may have other suggestions as well.

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