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return of bladder sensation

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  • return of bladder sensation

    I am 15 months post c5/c6. I have good sensation head to toe, but this week I had return of my bladder sensation to the point I can guess how much I will cath. At the same time I am having more difficulty inserting a cath tube. I have not tried to void on my own.
    Has anyone had anything similar especially before bladder return?

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    3 years post...Ive had bladder sens since yr 1...still cant pee w/out the tube...when it gets hard to insert em...prelube by infusing surgilube or lidocain gel 2% (if painful). For this you need a syringe w/ no needle or a squeeze bottle w/ a lil spout tip (the lidocaine comes in one). Squeeze some into the urethra and pinch the head while "working" it down...kinda like reverse pud pulling...lube cath as usual and it slips right in.


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      I'm one year post and have had bladder sensation for about 6 months. I'm like Kap - still can't pee on my own. Sometimes I really get the feeling that I can pee so I try sitting on the toilet instead of cathing but haven't had any luck. Let us know if you can void on your own. Sometimes I have a harder time inserting the cath and I try to use extra lube and be patient - with constant pressure.

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        I haven't gained full bladder sensation back...(yet! I'm still hoping). But, I did learn from my urologist not to long ago that when your bladder is full that it is harder to insert a cath tube. I am not sure on the exact mechanics of how or why. But, maybe this is the cause of your difficulty? It could be that you need to start cathing sooner. I dunno though...just thought I'd throw my cents in. [img]/forum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]

        " The best way to predict the future is to invent it."
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        "The best way to predict the future is to invent it."
        - Alan Kay


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          yeah..same here..if u have a full bladder more than 300 cc's itll be harder to cath..try to cath earlier or take less ditropan or you void a little if youre full? the medicine makes your bladder relax but your urethra tighten so it makes it harder a bit..try Lo-fric or Coloplasts..they are slicker..and more sterile too..the lube caths friggin hurt! GL!