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Legs freezing when laying flat

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    Legs freezing when laying flat

    My legs from waist down seem to get like freezing cold when I lay down flat usually last from 1-3hrs. almost impossible to fall a sleep even with 2 quilts and shaw on legs.No excessive spasms,fever or anything else. Been happening past month or two. I have started new pain med. about 4 months ago.

    cinci - I wonder.. has your circulation changed any? Are there any other symptoms? I'm not sure what would cause such a change.

    My coworker says the exact same thing happens to her... but for her it's normal. She can be hot and go to bed and then start to feel cold. Interestingly, she uses a heating pad near her face. This is the area where she feels so it warms her up and also relaxes her.

    I keep a hairdryer plugged in next to the bed during the winter. AD will cause me to sweat at night no matter how cold it is, which makes me absolutely freezingly miserable. The hairdryer warms me up and dries my face and let's me go right back to sleep.

    People can easily get burned using heating devices in bed, however. So it's important not to use them places you can't feel unless they don't get hot enough to burn you. Otherwise you could fall asleep and severely injure yourself.

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      This happens to me too and I figure it's the cold blood that's pooled in my feet flowing into my legs so I warm my feet up before bed by sitting over the vent. Then I put warm socks on (from the dryer). It's much better now.

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