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incontinence / Bard Leg bags

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    incontinence / Bard Leg bags

    I have felt the need for some time to use occasionally a condom cath with leg bag when I feel that going to the bathroom may not be feasible, I may have to stretch it a little over four hours or I may be having a few drinks.

    I used to use the yellow type long term bags, but since I use them only sporadically I decided to buy the Bard Dispoz a bag, around 300 cc capacity. This leg bag has like a sleeve type thing inside I believe designed to reduce the possibility of back flow.

    My problem is that eventhough I take a thin long object to clear the pathway, a couple of times I have blown the condom because urine doesn´t flow into the bag.

    What´s the trick? Is it a design flaw? Is there a better small capacity (300 cc or less) disposable leg bag?? How does everyone else deal with this Bard problem??

    T6 complete (or so I think), SCI since September 21, 2003

    i used to put a straw down in it to hold open that valve that valve sticking can be a pain
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      I have used Bard leg bags for about 20 years. It is the flutter valve that is crimping up on you. It is the way Bard packs them! If you look at one in unopened package you can see fold and crease right on flutter valve.

      many years ago I sent them a letter and said the way they pack crimps right on valve. ( if you get any air in there it will flip back / crimp to the position it was packed in and then obstuct when in use.) they sent me back a form letterr and 2 free leg bags. ye haw

      I usually wear one most of the day so I wash out external cath and bag when I interemittent cath. after a few washings in hot water and a little ivory soap it's a non issue. They plastic loses rigidity and valve lays flat.

      Years ago I would put some water in brand new bag, heat a little in micro wave, just enough to get hot and let sit to get the palstic flexible. I don't bother anymore. Able to manage by just making sure valve is flat AND 'no air in bag' when I put on.

      I have found them to be the best of the disposable bags for me other wise I wouldn't hassle with it and would change brands.

      good luck


        The other thing that you can do is to try to open the valve by "playing" with the bag before putting it on.
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          Drop the Bard and go with a Mentor brand.


            I found the Urocare bags to be much better than Bard. Try the 32oz bags.You won't have to roll to the bathroom so often.


              The 32 oz bag is too big for me, since I use it only to avoid getting wet in case of an "accident". When I feel that the 300cc bag is beggining to fill, it is time to go.

              I really like the idea of the straw, that would just solve the problem. Does anyone else do this and has there been any problems like the straw getting out of place and rubbing against the tip of the penis or something like that.

              I have not found any other brand that sells disposable 300cc bags or smaller?
              T6 complete (or so I think), SCI since September 21, 2003