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    I am a para incomplete T11/12 20 yr post I got in a debate over Harrington rods vs springs they hook on the left and right side of my spine. They look like a door spring. I have yet to meet anyone else that has these and can anyone send me a picture or website so I can show these people what I am talking about. I have no pain and I have seen x-rays from Dr. Apple from Shepherd Spinal Center showing others of this procedure.
    Thank you,

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      I have these springs in my back and I have had them for 30 years. They were put in at Craig Hospital when I was first injured. Your description of door springs is exactly the way I describe them to people. There are hooks in the vertebrae above and below my break site with springs stretched between them. They allowed me to start doing rehab therapy a week after surgery.

      I don't have any pictures of mine other than x-rays in my records at Craig; however, if I remember correctly they are called Weiss (sp) springs. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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        I looked for some photos on-line but could not find any. I remember these springs, but have not seen any inserted in over 15 years. I think they have been replaced by more modern and better quality hardware for people injured in the last 20 years or so.

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          Thank ya'll - thought I was getting crazier lol