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    standing frames

    hi guys i have a few questions, jack is in the process of getting a standing frame/wheelchair. we were wondering, what is the best to get? what are the drawbacks of getting a manual chair that stands vs. a standing frame? we both know the day is coming that he will need help with pushing (shoulders giving out) would it be best to go for a power standing one now or wait? he just got a new ti-lite few months back. i know they are going to give me a hard time about it but i am also aware they have to provide it if the proper hoops are jumped through in the proper order.
    thanks, becky

    Hey Becky,
    Here's some info you might find helpful ....

    LINK If you do a site search you might find what you need too!

    Maybe there is some more recent info others can offer as well!

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      There is more and better weight bearing using a standing frame than a standing wheelchair. Manual standing wheelchairs are heavy and hard on the shoulders.

      With his footdrop, it would also be easier to wedge his feet to correct his footdrop using a standing frame. There are standing frames that you can pump to stand up which do not require as much strength as a regular frame.

      This company has a variety of models that are popular:

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        Does anyone know if Medicaid will help pay for a standing frame? i want Standing frame/glider so i can get some exercise.


          Here is a picture of my Permobil Stander that I have had for about eight months. It is a very nice chair. Biggest drawback is the seat to floor height(21in) makes it too tall to fit under some tables. As a second chair and for what it does, it is great. It will also move in the standing position. It's worth trying out.



            In my opinion a dedicated standing frame would be much better for weight bearing. I also simulate walking while standing, without the legs moving of course. [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img] I even simulate jumping jacks. All these can improve range of motion in his shoulders and help build them up.

            I purchased an EasyStand 5000 a few years ago and absolutely love it.


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              I just started using a standing frame in outpatient therapy. I think it is well worth it, my legs and back are looser for longer than just normal stretching.

              I am gonna try to get one also. The model that interests me is the easystand 6000. It has exercise arms on it that also move your legs as you move. But of course it is $$$

              Here is the best price I have seen so far.


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