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Knee injury does't seem to be healing

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  • Knee injury does't seem to be healing

    Since my SCI (C5) last August I have been blessed to be out of a wheel chair and walking around. When walking, I still have a tendency to drag my toes occasionally, which has caused several falls. So far, I've only gotten hurt once and after 7 weeks the MRI showed a bruised bone and pulled ligament at the knee. The nurse told me it usually takes 6-7 weeks for a bruised bone to heal. (That had me wondering how it could show up on the MRI if it should have been healed by then.) It's now been 10 weeks and the knee feels no better than it did right after the fall. The worst part is that it accelerated the already bad neuropathic pain in my hands, legs and feet. I'll start PT for it tomorrow, though I'm not sure what they can have me do for it by adding an exercise routine of some kind if I've not been off the leg at all. Could it be that the pain at the source of the injury is exaggerated in the same way the "confused" nerves are causing neuropathic pain? Is it possible that it's taking so long to heal because those with spinal cord injuries sometimes take longer to heal? I've quit taking Ibuprofen because even prescription strength didn't do anything for the knee pain.

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    Lainy- The knee ligament itself may still be damaged. You probably didn't think at the time that you had hurt yourself so severely. The PT will probably have you do a routine of some exercises as well as rest, to let the injury heal. As it has been several weeks, it will take quite a while for it to calm down. As it is still probably damaged, you are right in thinking that it has made your neuropathic pain worse. It is a noxious stimulus, it needs to heal.

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