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Blood In Urine?

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    Blood In Urine?

    My son, who is just over 1 month after discharge (C-5 incomplete), has had a constant UTI problem. He was released with it, after only 1- 1/2 days on an IV antibiotic drip that did not clear it up.
    He has his first appt with a urologist Feb 5th about another matter (tear from foley too large in CCU the first weeks after accident when he was still on a vent). The urologist has beeen called about the UTI, but hasn't responded for any immediate treatment (PCP, Rx'ng it). He had blood in his urine off and on for the past 2 weeks, but the last 2 days it has been bright-occurring at the last of his output when cathed.
    My daughter (his caregiver) is concerend and has had to try to fight this infection daily for a month. She feels that he should be sent back to be an inpatient to be treated IV over a longer period of time (1 week?) for the UTI to clear up. Oral meds (various) have been tried and are not working.
    Is this abnormal (blood in urine and resistant UTI's) or something
    that has just to be considered chronic- a long term battle?
    Is his health in danger (no fevers- this time)- eventual kidney failure & need for dialysis?
    Should he be admitted inpatient asap?
    (I guess we'd have to get him to an E.R.- first, then see if they would admit him)
    No docs have suggested it, but we are worried.
    (My RN wife feels that he needs intensive IV antibiotic treatment asap)
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    Bob B
    SCI - Parent

    Having blood in your urine is not normal. At this point though it is hard to determine whether the bleeding is coming from a UTI or the injury from the Foley catheter. After a SCI when you are cathing, it is common that bacteria will be in your urine or bladder chronically. You often become colonized and this does not need treatment. Now when you start to develop signs of a UTI, then it goes beyond colonization and generally you will need antibiotics.

    What are his exact symptoms? Why do you think he has been fighting an infection? If he is afebrile, is not having AD or increased spasms then it may not be a UTI. Generally if there is kidney involvement you will start to run a fever.

    Whether he needs to be in the hospital is going to be a judgment call on your part since you know him and your circumstances. I am not sure where you are located at but here in the states you can get home health to come out and administer IV antibiotics and often this is a better choice because he wont be exposed to all the resistant bacteria in the hospital.

    If you had responsive doctors this could be treated without having to be admitted to the hospital, although if he was started on IV antibiotics they would usually give the first dose in the hospital (although a lot of times it takes a previous exposure before your body creates antibodies to cause you to have an allergic reaction). Because your urologist doesnt seem that responsive it really puts a kink into things.

    Contact the urologist one more time today. See if they can see your sooner or see if they want him to go to the hospital. It wouldnt hurt to also get an order for a urine culture and sensitivity and see if you cant get this ran today. The results will be back on Monday or Tuesday and if it is an infection then you will know what antibiotic to treat it with.


      If you are still having problems with the bleeding, go to the ER as soon as possible. Your daughter is correct in being concerned- it is not normal to see the type of bleeding that you are describing. I agree with the comment above- you can do IV antibiotics at home and have a lot less risk.

      In the meantime, keeping him drinking as much fluid as he can and cath him to maintain a low pressure, low volume environment.

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