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How common co-existing CP and SCI?

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    How common co-existing CP and SCI?

    Dr. Wise and SCI Nurses, I'm curious as to how common a condition co-existing cerebral palsy and SCI is.

    I had SCI at C-6/7 in 1993. The particular mechanism of the SCI isn't known. I had slammed the base of my skull and neck against a wall playing racquetball prior to and I had also had a fall before the SCI.

    From the MRI I was asked if I'd had a diving accident or a car wreck. Neither.

    Because symptoms happened slowly over a couple of weeks, the docs missed it. In the first days (as symtpoms worsened and affected more of my body), they thought Guillaume Barre. It wasn't GB, but was SCI. I had emergency surgery, got some improvement (given a little time), but the damage was done.

    Anyway, my thought has been that CP was the precipitating factor in my SCI. I've tried searching online without success to see how many other CPers have had the same experience.

    Life was happening at the speed of life. Then, bizarre symptoms, loss of sensation, loss of function, loss of movement, SCI dx after MRI, but no previous immediate precipitating trauma.

    I read on another board where a CPer is having a similar experience, but his straits are much direr. Reading about him has ressurected my hypothesis about later life non-specific event SCI linked to CP.

    Can a lifetime of spasms and spasticity do that to our necks, spines and spinal cords?

    Any studies about how CP can blow out our necks given time and cause SCI? It's just a theory, perhaps way off base, but given what happened to me, what I'm reading about the other CPer, it's the only hypothesis which makes any sort of sense to me.

    BTW, I was 31 (almost 32) when my SCI occurred.