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Dark Urine?

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    Dark Urine?

    Nurse or anyone

    My urine output and the amount I have been drinking hasn't changed at all but my urine seems much darker than normal. Its dark yellow even when the output is high > 600mls in 2hrs.

    I dont feel bad, its clear and no strange odour. Only thing I can think of is that I have a cold/sore throat.

    Any ideas?
    Phil C6
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    I would just monitor it an dmake sure you drink plenty of water.

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      mine gets really dark through the night. but because I don't drink anything at night either Like the nurse said, just monitor it and how you feel.
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        What you eat can also affect urine color, as can some meds.

        Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.


          Hey Phil. Since you are entering summer are you drinking something diffferent than you drink in winter? Sometimes with me it's nothing and sometimes I start getting a fever. Just keep an eye on temperature and if your urine gets funky also might want to get a UA. Do you sweat? That could effect urine if you're otherwise fine. Enjoy the nice weather. grrrrrrrr
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            I agree with alan, if you eat alot of sugars, your urine will be more yellowish even if you do drink a ton of water.

            I noticed when i cut sweets out of my diet and drank only water as fluids and milk my urine was beautiful looking... i was thinking about selling it on e-bay.
            I think i still will actaully any bids?
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