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    Blood Clot

    First of all please vote on the above poll.

    I can now say that I have had my second blood clot since injury in only 15 months. Both have occurred high in the leg. The first clot was in April 2006 in the right leg. The new clot is in my left leg.

    I've talked to three doctors and the best I have come up with is that it's a bit of a quandary. Some MDs keep people on low doses of coumadin. Others on low dosage Advil. (Some question using Advil since it's not an arterial problem).

    Just want to hear what experience people have had with blood clots (DVTs).

    I stay active and am upright during the day in leg braces. I just happen to fall into the low percentage of people who get this. Which has been the standard so far with body and these rare occurrences.
    Yes, just once though
    Yes, more than once
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    Yes, I've had two.

    First one in the left upper groin area and the second one in the calf region of the right leg. Both caused extreme swelling and the second help contribute to the pressure sores on my feet. Was on blood thinners for almost 4 years and Shepherd Center took me off of them after they done blood studies. Within two months I had the other clot so I'll will be on blood thinners from now on.



      Bilateral blod clots this summer. I am still on coumadin. No fun.
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        I have two in the same leg. 1st one was below the knee the next was above. My Spinal Dr. sent me to a blood spec.. And he took me of the blood thinners and now have to wear pressure stockings. Is it better to stay on the blood thinners or the pressure stockings? I dont know. It is easier taking a pill then wearing these nee high stockings.


          I had two episodes of DVT's about a couple of weeks after I was injured 29 years ago. Good thing I was in the hospital because each time I "coded" and they thumped me back to life. Pulmonary embolism. They put an Adams-DeWeese IVC clip in me to prevent further episodes. No problems since then except some minor swelling in my lower extremities due to venous I wear support stockings to minimize the swelling and not on any blood thinners.


            blood clots?

            How can you tell if you have one. Is this a stupid question? Maybe I had selective hearig during my sci classes in rehab. I was pretty bitter at the time.


              My wife's platelet count is generally extremely low due to aplastic anemia, so clots aren't a problem. Talk about silver linings.
              - Richard


                i had 2 within 2 months. the 1st i was still in-patient and was oddly enough in my left forearm.. talking about sore fore.. more irritating than pain really. the 2nd made it to my right lung (pulmonary embolism). i was shallow breathing when i went to my primary care physician bc i had a hellacious pain shoot up my side when i breathed deeply. i spent 9 days in the hospital for that one. soon after i had a vena cava filter procedure done which was outpatient..


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                  Ok, my blood clot was the oddity of oddities...AND it didn't show up on ANY scan(had CT, MRI, X-RAY, etc...)...My blood clot was at the base of my spine, and my Neuro-Surgeon discovered it when he was doing my surgery. It was a MASSIVE clot, I had to have some sort of drain put in...I don't really remember it, only what I've been told/read in my records...I also have an umbrella filter in to block potential future blood clots. I was on Heparin shots multiple times daily for 2 months after and probably should have been on it longer, but my rehab center was less than stellar and the dr didn't exactly follow proper procedures in regards to d/c-ing meds for me several times...I even asked about it, and got the answer that if the dr didn't order it, I must not need it...UGH
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                    Blood clots?

                    I've had just the one huge one on my spine which nearly killed me and left me permanently paralysed from the chest down.

                    But apart from that...


                      My husband had 10 blood clots in all within the first month post. Four in the right leg and six in the left. He was on Coumadin for one year. His primary did not want to take him off but we wanted to try since he his active every day. He now takes a 325mg aspirin every day. But what I believe really helped him and continues to help him is cayenne pepper. There is alot on the internet about cayenne pepper and blood clots. We use a cayenne pepper infusion. (Taking a supplement will not do the trick.) Steep one teaspoon of cayenne pepper in one cup of boiling water for 15 minutes. Then I refrigerate this mixture. Stir it up and put one teaspoon in apple juice or whatever and drink it down. Works like a charm at dissolving blood clots.


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                          Thanks for the replies. I forgot to mention I too have a filter in place. They did it as a precaution prior to me even having a blood-clot.

                          Last night my leg seemed to grow in size. Called the Doctor today and talked with my friend an RN. They really had nothing new to tell me other than it just takes time. I know it does since I had one before but this time my leg is much bigger!

                          I'm sure this is extremely painful...thank god I have a SCI injury and can't feel it! Wait a minute...did I just say that?
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                            Mine took a couple of months to really clear up. Like you said, they must have really hurt! I had a LOT of "referred" back pain from it, and horrible spasticity. The high tone really interfered with my mobility. Because mine were bilateral (in both legs) it took a little while for me to notice the swelling. All of a sudden it was really bad. Because it matched, at first I was blaming edema, since one of the main things I had been told to look for was swelling in one leg ..... such that it was a different size than the other!

                            CryBaby ..... swelling, redness, warm/hot spots in your leg. Legs that don't match in size (unless they are BOTH swollen ..... LOL) More pain, tone. spasticity. They do an ultrasound to diagnose. If you have the greenfield/vena cava/umbrella filter in your groin they are not as critical as if you don't. I was told had I not had the filter I would have been hospitalized. With the filter treatment is blood thinners (coumadin, etc) for 6-12 months. ALso wearing pressure hose. It takes at least 2 months to clear up.
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                              Haven't had one in 25 years (knock wood.)

                              Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.