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  • no attendant care?

    Anyone here have no help what so ever? How do you manage?

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    Originally posted by Sh0rty
    Anyone here have no help what so ever? How do you manage?
    Hi Sh0rty,

    Why would you need attendant care if you're a T-4-5? I'm a T-5, actually a T-4-5-6 so I just split the difference in my favor! I live alone (with my greyhound) and wouldn't think about having attendant care.... even if I could get it. Now a cleaning lady would be nice!

    I do pay a friend/neighbor to go shopping once or twice a month for me and maybe he'll replace a lightbulb or something along those lines when he's here. Or sweep and mop the floors if I get lazy and if I have a stash of pot lying around.... he's a real pothead And I'm a guy. You're a pretty woman, you should be able to get these types of jobs done for free!

    What do you need done that you can't do yourself?

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      I don't have any attendant care either. I am T7-8. I do live with my family, so someone is there to reach high objects, and help with the laundry (it's in the basement) but that isn't where attendant care comes in to play anyway. As far as personal care goes I am independant.

      What kind of help do you need? Could and OT help you find ways to help?
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        i'm a c-8, 9 months post, and have been living on my own now for 6 weeks. the key is to have friends and no real agenda, cuz crazy things happen all the time..... like the time today i missed my commode chair transfer and had to drag myself out of the bathroom, down the hall, and to the nearest prop to get back into my chair. oh, then i forgot my cushion in the hall and had to flop back and get it. well, anyway, i laughed the whole time, and was really glad no one was here to see me. of course, if there had been i'm sure i would have preferred to have them stand by and laugh with me rather than help. you see, there is nothing one cannot do when determined. oh, and that person better not have a camera.
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          There is really nothing I need help with specifically. Well...working out, I can't do FES alone and spasms make the uphill transfer onto standing frame hard. I would like a cleaning lady once a month atleast to give me a break. I just question if I get a job how quickly can I get myself ready and out the door. I also just like to hear what other people are doing so I can get ideas and know I am on the right track.


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            1hr for me to get ready with showering, blow drying long hair takes a bit ... changes to dressings on feet and getting dressed.

            Start with a part-time job maybe? That's what I did so long ago. A full time job makes cleaning, cooking well and exercise altogether impossible. Something's gotta give.
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