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How do you avoid kidney stones?

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  • How do you avoid kidney stones?

    I have 3 stones so big that I have to have lithotripsy. I'm a bit nervous and never want to go through this again.

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    It depends on why you got the stones in the first place. It also depends on the type of stone. Make sure the urologist or nephrologist sends them off for identification then you may be able to learn ways to prevent that specific type of kidney stone.

    In general though plenty of plain old water at least 8 glasses a day although if you cath you need to space it out evenly.


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      I've heard drinking orange juice works great.


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        They will identify what the stones ar e made out of and advise you on that if there is something you can modify to prevent them.
        Sometimes it is hereditary. SCI people do have an increased tendency to get kidney stones.
        Keeping them flushed with drinking lots of water is thought to help.

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