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Why could this be? Hip issues...

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  • Why could this be? Hip issues...

    Seems like I hit 5 years post and my body is going to hell but anyhow, latest issue. Was up all night last night with my leg spasming and pulling up towards my body every 5-10 minutes. My hip felt very sore and 'tight' and just wrong somehow. No matter what position I was in it did this. This morning my hip still aches and the leg looks twisted/tilted out. Could my hip be dislocated? If so, can it wait until I have a Dr. appt. on the 4th?
    Emily, C-8 sensory incomplete mom to a 8 year old and a preschooler. TEN! years post.

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    Emily although I'm not a orthopedic surgeon I would say the following factors come into play, the injury itself you've gone from walking to sitting all the time, pregnancy & weight gain. So a lot of biomechanical changes in a relative short period of time.

    It should probably be checked out asap. Maybe your husband can feel if there is any difference between hips. I used to be able to tell by touch if my left hip had popped out of the socket, It was actually kind of cool to tell the orthopedic surgeon my hip was dislocated & have the x-rays prove me right. I only wish my diagnostic acumen extended to neurological issues....


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      Why the increased spasms? UTI?
      Do you feel any thing funny in your hip/upper leg area that could indicate a fracture or something? A disclocation is possible but it typically takes alot of force or the occurrence of osteoporosis.
      A x-ray would diagnose the problem.

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