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UTI prevention and Vitamin C in multi-vitamin

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  • UTI prevention and Vitamin C in multi-vitamin

    My multi-vitamin gives me 300% of the Vitamin C I need everyday. Do I still need to take a seperate Vitamin C supplement to prevent UTI's ?
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    I read just today that to help clear up/prevent the UTI, you should drink 16 ounces of unsweetened cranberry juice and take a 1000mg vitamin C tab everyday. In addition, avoid sugar and alcohol, which can worsen the symptoms of the UTI. This comes from Tony Lu, MD, director of integrative medicine at Loyola University Health System in Chicago. it was in my Sept 12 Woman's Day. That help??


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      I was always told by my family doc to take 1000 mg and drink cranberry juice also and it has to be pure cranberry not these fancy mixes they have now.
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        Hey Theo!
        I take 2400 - 3600 per day of vit c in addition to what I get in a multi-vitamin.
        I would advise that you get the vitamin c through a health food store. Sometimes what you get in a drug store/grocery store isn't what is claims to get (as powerful or effective). I get mine on-line through a company called Usana.
        I hope this method of uti prevention works for you. I swear it's a miracle for me.
        I did try the cranberry juice/cranberry pills but they weren't as effective as the vitamin c.


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          ok im going to my co-op today
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