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  • ankle wound question


    since i wrote abt my fiance's ankle wound a few weeks ago, we have been using the saltwater/dakin's seems to be working, slowly but surely....

    but get this - since he has been carefully sleeping in a way that keeps all pressure off that ankle, the other ankle has developed a blister!!!!

    i am attaching pictures - left ankle with the wound, right ankle with the blister....

    is there any way we can keep the right ankle blister from opening into a wound??? please help - one of these is has been three years open.....

    (oh and btw - i never got a definitive answer on here about the brown circle, but i'm pretty convinced it is bruising.....from having pressure on the wound while sleeping ...and since he's been keeping pressure off of the wound, the sweating along that leg that happens at night has gone away.....)
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    Keep both feet up (so they are not swollen at all) for as long as he can - every day until they start to look better. Higher than the heart, as well. Might I suggest lying in bed with several pillows under his feet to elevate them?

    With swollen feet, the edema has a hole (the wound) to travel through and the wound will never close, until the swelling is dealth with. That's one factor.

    He needs some sheepskin booties (or roho boots) or some sort of air mattress (to relieve all pressure) to sleep on at night.

    How frustrating. Check out for some leg boots or an air mattress. If I knew how to send it to you, I believe I have two boots lying around here that I'm not using. He's welcome to them ... the only thing then is you have to watch over-inflating them and sweating underneath (condition of the leg skin).
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      Hi Symmetry,

      If I'm recalling correctly those wounds or pressure sores look a LOT better than they did before. About three weeks ago when you first posted pictures of them?? Just keep the pressure off of them and they should be fine in a couple of weeks at the most.

      I just got one helluva pressure sore on the outside bottom of my left foot. It was like outta nowhere and I got a nasty pressure sore. New wheelchair and different footrests that suck. And most importantly me not keeping a sharp eye on my skin. My bad. I need to get an adjustable, easy to use mirror to keep an eye on things. I've since replaced the footrests with the ones from my old chair and I'm able to keep most of the pressure off of it.

      But I still need to stay out of my chair as much as possible and in bed with my feet elevated until it's healed at least as well as your boyfriend's has.

      Very good job!
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        was one, now two

        thanks bob

        and yeah, the pressure sore on the left ankle is definitely doing a lot better.....
        but the problem is, three weeks ago, that was the only sore

        now there is this blister on the right ankle too!!! that wasn't there before!!!!!
        is there any way to stop this blister from breaking open and becoming another sore????

        good luck with your latest sore man......that sucks......
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          From when I had my pressure sore on my heel, the black area is where the underlying tissue is dying I believe. If you keep the pressure off then the tissue can rejuvenate and maybe heal back up. It may need to be debrided to get all the dead off so the good skin granulation can do its work to aid healing. The sore may be bigger than just the open place on the ankle. Mine was when they finally debreded it, it was three times what it looked like before. Also they packed mine in seaweed which has wonderful healing qualities.

          Is he seeing a doctor for this? I was told that the black areas wont heal they have to be removed and then the good skin and tissue replaces it. Just keep the pressure off both ankles. I had extensive surgery for a pressure sore and it is not an easy thing to go through.
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            Keeping the pressure off through use of boots, a pressure relieving mattress and keepig clean w ill help the blister. Don't pop the blister, however, once it breaks you will see what the sore is like underneath.

            Re the left, getting the edema down with elevation of feet, avoiding excess salt and diuretics if indicated will definitely help healing of this sore.

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              "real sheepskin"....on the foot of the bed under for me when i'm on my side, otherwise i get ankle blisters too...i also have a small piece to put under my hip when on my side....has worked since injury to protect ankle and hip