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Using a hose for bowel routine??

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  • Using a hose for bowel routine??

    This is about bowel movement.

    I really want to find out if anyone uses a hose to "get it all out". My brother uses a small shower hose in the shower for the bowel routine. He has done this for years.

    He is a 9 year post T7/8 complete paraplegic . He also just went through spinal fusion.

    He has a horrible time with his bowel movement routine. They have given him every enema, pill and suppositories there is to get him to have some relief but nothing has worked completely.

    I am going to try to get him the so much mention magic bullet you guys talk about . Anyone knows where I can get it faster? I 'm in Dallas

    The therapist says that no one does this hose kind of bowel routine that it is the absolute worst thing he can do. She also feels the magic bullet will not work for him either because he has done this hose thing for many years.

    My brother says it is the only thing that really works for him. He claims he is gentle and is not hurting himself . Does anyone do this also?

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    Thank you cuky.I thought of posting this doubt myself after reading the reply of DrNared to "Trying to be independent with bowel program, and failing". He had made a suggestion to this effect.I thought that I too could try this inexpensive but crude technique.DrNader seems to be many years post injury.DrNader may please share his experience with us shedding light on this matter.Thank you.



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      Let me get this straight. Your brother shoves a hose up his butt to basically flush out his rectum? Seems to me this does basically the same thing as a digital stim, peristalsis. What's his dietary intake like? Is his poop without the water hard and chunky, gooey, or solid and formed? What's his age? What other meds is he on? I was off all the colace, enemas, and supps after a year. Found after that time they tended to continue working after the fact. I have a piss-poor diet but I do keep it balanced and try to manage what I eat to keep regular. Usually I just feel my gut with my hand to tell if I have to go or not or if it's been at least a day, I try anyways. Personally, I would think shooting water around in there on a regular basis would not be good but that's just an opinion. And if he has an aversion to sticking a lubed & gloved finger in there or can't for some reason, there's still has to be a better alternative to move the poop out. BTW, T4-6 true complete, fusion t2-t10, 3 yrs post. If you want more details, respond back here.

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        The Magic Bullet is available at most pharmacies that work directly with doctor's offices and hospitals. It can be purchased without a prescription.

        Before trying the Magic Bullet try Enemeez - this is prescription only but works much better. I have been a T-12 Asia A for 2 years and need a daily bowel routine. There was a product on the market called Therevac that worked the best but they removed it. Enemeez was the suggested alternative. I do this on the toilet and it works quite well.

        Good luck.

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          The routine use of enemas is a factor long term in developing megacolon. Using a enema under pressure (ie, a hose hooked up to plumbing) is asking for real trouble. Especially if the person does not have sensation, it is not too difficult to do damage to the mucosa, or even cause a perforation of the bowel, either directly or due to water pressure. I know people in Brazil with SCI who do this simply because they were not taught anything differently (due to not having had any rehabilitation).

          Some people use enemas because they are under the mistaken belief that they must have a bowel movement daily, or to wash out "toxins" in their bowel to prevent re-absorption from the body (another old wives' tale). Some do it compulsively.

          Is your brother seeing a SCI physician or advanced practice rehab nurse? Why is he discussing his bowel care with a therapist? He needs to see a SCI physician to work on this problem.

          If he has not tried either the Magic Bullet or Enemeez (both are available without prescription), they are worth trying.

          It would also be important to know all the meds your brother is taking, his diet (especially how much fiber he is getting daily), the timing and techniques he has tried other than enemas, and how much fluid he drinks daily.

          You can purchase an excellent resource on bowel management from the Consortium for Spinal Cord Medicine here:

          Neurogenic Bowel: What you should know

          The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.