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    herniated disc

    I had recent MRI and it shows I have a herniated disc in my neck, Im a c5 and I think its lower like between c6-c7. My doctor acted like it wasn't a big deal but I need to get it checked once a year to make sure it doesn't get worse, its not pushing on the cord and doesnt hurt or anything and I haven't lost and feeling or movement. She said its probably from the fusion and the screws in there not allowing me to move my vertebrae correctly and I'm putting more pressure on different ones.

    Should I be worried, I tend to get paranoid about stuff like that and I don't wanna have to have surgery and risk messing my cord up more. I try to keep good neck posture and I even use one of those special neck pillows but just from sitting in a chair all day and leaning different ways my posture is kinda bad. Could it also have been showing up more because the mri table was so flat and I was in there kinda crooked? And if I did eventually have to have it fixed do they have to cut my neck open or can they do it with lasers or something nowadays, atleast not exposing my spinal cord?

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    On cadaver studies, they find all sorts of people who have lived happy, pain free, uncomplicated lives with herniated disks. It' no big deal if it doesn't cause you any discomfort of loss of function. Try to relax--all sorts of people are walking (and rolling) around with herniated disks and they don't even know it.

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