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Accident Survivor Healing with Botox

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    Accident Survivor Healing with Botox

    Accident Survivor Healing with Botox
    Botox has made news as a wrinkle cure, but it has some much more serious medical uses. A young girl was badly injured in a high-profile teen car crash. Now, Botox, short for botulinum toxin type A, is helping her on a long, difficult road to recovery.
    On August 31st, last year, 4 teenagers ran a stop sign, colliding with a semi. The crash killed the driver, Ryan Sneed.. And injured three other centennial students. Emily McIntyre has had the most difficult recovery. The car accident left the 14-year-old with a spinal cord injury and a crushed leg.

    Emly spent three months in a coma. Progress is slow and frustrating: McIntyre says, "I guess I'm doing good. Other people say that but I'm not sure. I'm around myself all the time. But people who see me say 'you look fantastic.'"

    Emily's injuries left her with painful muscle stiffness, also known as spasticity. Las Vegas neurologist David Ginsburg administers botox to relax the muscles and improve her dexterity and mobility.

    Dr. Ginsburg says, "Her spinal cord injury effects the movement in her arms and legs, causing her difficulty in walking. Also, difficulty with dexterity in her hands. Botox inhibits communication between the nerve and the muscle. As a result, the muscles become weakened and less stiff."

    Emily's Botox injections are guided by an electromyogram, or EMG. A hollow needle locates the area of most severe contraction within the muscle.. That's where botox is injected. Relaxing the stiffness enables Emily to work harder at physical therapy.

    Recovering from her physical injuries is hard enough, but Emily has also had to cope with the memories of the accident. At the time, police said the teens were drag racing, but Emily denies that, and she doesn't blame Ryan.

    Emily says, "Personally, I don't think it was Ryan's fault because he stopped. I remember him stopping and I went forwards and backwards. It was not a drag race. They were not, they were not, they were not."

    Botox vs Migraines

    More and more migraine sufferers are finding help through the wrinkle remedy Botox. One local woman we spoke with has been impressed and relieved by the results.

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    I too had my leg Botoxed a month ago because of spasticity in my leg. Wow! Anyone who is considering it should give it a try. It has allowed me to get much better range of motion in my right leg from almost being able to get to neutral with LOTS of strain, to now being about to get to 6 degrees without too much effort.