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no more leaking stoma

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  • no more leaking stoma

    Today I went to the hospital to the wound center,there they gave me a sample kit from a company called Convatec Connections and in this kit there it contains directions and a starter kit so your Stoma won't leak . Tomorrow I'm having my Bladder Stimulator removed and I thought I was back to Square 1 and thinking I might be having a Bladder By-Pass but this kit may eliminate that operation ,all I know is I want my Stoma to stop leaking so I can get on with my life , I am really hoping and praying this is my answer. My Urologist told me about this product and it was available here at my own hospital so I got in today and got it and am hoping for no more leaks .

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    Glad to hear that is taken care of. I bet you will feel like a new person not having to worry about it.
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      No More Stoma Leaking

      I got it on Jan.16 and they put it on for me at the hospital ,at first I had a small leak into the bag so I drained that out and after than it was great I went to bed at 10:30 PM I got up at 12:30 AM to cath no leaks I got the best night sleep I have had since my stoma was put in I got up at 10:00 AM my phone woke me up ,and there was no leaks at all ,the bag snaps off like tupper ware does and the I drained my Bladder I got 350 ML and nothing in the bag at all ,I think my prayers where answered ,because I was not looking forward to any Bladder BY-PASS operation I have had enough operation for my whole family in my life . I don't know if my body can take much more of them ,I go today for one ,it is to remove my Bladder Stimulator and now I fell I can go out without worrying about leaking and getting my clothes all wet and being all embarrassed . I am so happy right now,a big change in the last two days.


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        no more stroma leaking

        Well I thought my problems were over today without any warning I thought it was awhile since my last cath (about 2 hours ) so I went in to cath and when i took off the bag , My Urine started squirting from my bellybutton all over the bathroom what a mess ,and yet I had no feeling to void , I can't figure this out . Anyone have any Ideas?