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Medicare Drug Coverage ... Really Covered?

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    Medicare Drug Coverage ... Really Covered?

    So, after three days of trying to contact my new prescription drug provider (AARP), I was feeling discouraged. Each time I called, I never talked to a human and after going through many options, I'd come to the end where a recorded voice told me AARP was experiencing extremely high call volume and couldn't take my call. I was to call again later. I've called for days now. I still haven't talked to a human at that AARP number.

    I checked the Internet and EUREKA! There was another phone number for me to gather info about my drug plan. I punched the number into my phone and heard the real thing, not Memorex this time. A woman named Alicia helped me tonight.

    My card should arrive "anyday." I was given the info off the cards in the interim for my use. I asked if my current pharmacy was a participant and was told, "No." I asked for participating pharmacies on my very busy thoroughfare and I was told, "None." Hmmmmm ... Sounds strange considering I live on one of the busiest streets in my city.

    I went back to the site listing participating pharmacies and THERE IS MY PHARMACY! I love them because they deliver to me. I don't have to call paratransit two weeks to the day in advance to get transit for the pharmacy. I'm more relaxed since I've gotten through this first hurdle.

    I know the program is new, but it concerns me because there seems to be a lack of communication between agencies. Medicare/SS could see I'm enrolled with AARP, but couldn't give me my plan numbers. They gave me a number which is inadequately staffed for human contact. I found another number and the woman there did not know which pharmacies participate. She said there are close to 60 participating in my city in my plan, but she said there were not any on my busy, busy street.

    I can see where some people may have problems accessing the info needed for this plan to work for them. My Grandmother is in a nursing home, but had this been two years ago and when she lived on her own before the Alzheimer's started to take her memory, she'd have been lost.

    I did not wait until last minute. I signed up for a drug plan a month ago. I was told I would have my card and info in a week. It's been four.

    My prescriptions run out this week. I'm hoping there are no serious snags between now and when the delivery man brings me my meds for this month. I'll be thankful I'm not writing a check for hundreds of dollars for the meds this month. It will be great.

    Still, I wonder if I'll be given any additional misinformation? I'll rest more easily after Wednesday.
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    With all the recent changeover, it is important to get clear infromation and talk to a person. Glad you were able to get through.

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