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Lower motor neuron function return

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    Lower motor neuron function return

    Hey everyone, I was wondering how long after your injury did
    you see return. I'm asking because I'm a T10 with a lower motor
    neuron injury. My rehab Dr. said that the injury is more of a cauda
    equina injury than a spinal cord injury and that it takes up to
    2 years for the nerves to heal and get anything back. I don't have
    spasms and I have very flaccid legs. Thanks, Matt

    Try here:

    Or here:
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      So, I hear that SCI is unique for everyone and people get returns at different rates, even at the same vertebral level.

      I suppose it has to do with how badly the injury took place, % of canal compromise, etc. and especially for burst compression fractures, how quickly the decompression/fusion takes place and whether methylprednisone was administered.

      So the question is really, what therapies and exercises might help activate what muscles are still weakly innervated and help encourage return ... aside from the standing frame and stuff, are there things that might help?


        The best approach is probably to use your walker and exercise in moderation. You don't want to fatigue muscles that are just coming back so functional use within the range of comfort and moderation is probably the best thing you can do.

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