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KCI Introduces New Vacuum Assisted Closure(TM) Product; V.A.C.(R)Freedom(TM) Device Continues Company's Leadership in Advanced Wound Healing Systems

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    KCI Introduces New Vacuum Assisted Closure(TM) Product; V.A.C.(R)Freedom(TM) Device Continues Company's Leadership in Advanced Wound Healing Systems

    KCI Introduces New Vacuum Assisted Closure(TM) Product; V.A.C.(R)Freedom(TM) Device Continues Company's Leadership in Advanced Wound Healing Systems

    SAN ANTONIO, Oct. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Kinetic Concepts, Inc. (KCI), a global corporation that develops and markets a broad range of innovative health care products, today announces a new model of its already successful Vacuum Assisted Closure(TM) device -- The V.A.C.(R). The new product, the V.A.C.(R)Freedom(TM) system, is being showcased at the National Association for Home Care (NAHC) 21st Annual Meeting and HOMECARExpo. The Annual Meeting will be held in Salt Lake City, from October 27-30.

    "The new V.A.C.(R)Freedom(TM) system meets the advanced needs of today's home healthcare patients and their caregivers," said Lynne Sly, Vice President of Marketing for KCI USA. "By utilizing our extensive expertise in advanced wound healing systems, we have developed features in the V.A.C.(R)Freedom(TM) that respond to patients' needs, providing them with the highest level of wound care technology."

    The V.A.C.(R)Freedom(TM) system enables patients to return to work and daily activities. At just over 3.5 pounds, the lightweight system can be taken almost anywhere and worn in its discreet carrying case over the shoulder or around the waist. The V.A.C.(R)Freedom(TM) also has an on-screen help guide for users and features a large canister with 300 ml of volume, which allows for fewer changes.

    In addition, the V.A.C.(R)Freedom(TM) system utilizes KCI's patented T.R.A.C.(TM) (Therapeutic Regulated Accurate Care) technology that monitors and maintains target pressure at the wound site. This technology provides smart alarms, helping to further enhance patient safety. The V.A.C.(R)Freedom(TM) system also uses the new T.R.A.C.(TM) Pad, allowing for simple, efficient dressing changes.

    The V.A.C.(R)Freedom(TM) system is the second new vacuum assisted wound closure product launched by KCI this year. The V.A.C.(R)ATS (Advanced Therapy System) was launched earlier this year at the 34th Annual Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Conference (WOCN). The V.A.C.(R)ATS system is ideal for the acute care setting, such as hospitals, and for heavily exudating wounds. It has touch-screen operation for ease of use and an on-screen help guide for users. Additionally, the V.A.C.(R)ATS system features a large canister with 500 ml of volume, and uses the T.R.A.C.(TM) Pad for easy dressing changes.

    For qualifying home patients, vacuum assisted therapy is covered by Medicare B and many managed care organizations for helping to heal wounds such as acute/traumatic wounds, dehisced wounds, flaps and grafts, pressure ulcers, chronic wounds and diabetic ulcers.

    Vacuum assisted closure therapy, launched by KCI in the United States in 1995, is a clinical and cost effective way to treat chronic and traumatic wounds in hospitals, extended care facilities and in the home. Clinical studies have shown that vacuum assisted closure therapy encourages high quality, efficient patient care by helping to promote wound healing and helping to diminish the threat of increased morbidity associated with unhealed wounds.

    About KCI

    Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, KCI and its subsidiaries develop and market innovative therapeutic healing systems that address skin breakdown, pulmonary complications and circulation problems associated with patient immobility. KCI's healing systems include specialty beds, mattress replacement systems, wheelchair seating and related devices. KCI serves hospitals, nursing homes and home care settings both in the U.S. and abroad. Additional information on V.A.C.(R) Therapy is available at the KCI website, .


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    VAC has been around for a few years, but I'm glad they're getting more notice.

    I'm starting a new thread on another fairly new product for wound healing, called Promogran, by J&J. Healed a 3rd degree wound in 1 month!!!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.


      No help if your OLD

      America just want the Old to lie down and die.
      In March of this year my grandmother was taken to the hospital with a stage 5 wound, the doctors decided due to her age action to help her would not be the course they would take, I took over at that time, she now lives with me, and I have been using the wound vac, when I first seen her to prove his point the doctor had me put on a pair of gloves and make a vist and he put my hand in her wound, I am a 40 year old that is over 200 lbs, so I have very large hands, today I barely can put a 1/2in wide piece of sponge in the area, yet Medicare as of yesterday has canceled the funds to pay for her supplies, I have one package left, if anyone out there that used the VAC has supplies; left over and could depart from them I and my grandmother would so much appreciate it. As of yet they have no plans of taking the machine, since I have stood our ground and said I would defend our home in any manner needed if someone tried to enter, so the only problem right now is I need to get supplies she only has Medicare and I only have Medicare, so money is really tight, I will try to come up with something if anyone can I was told to contact KCI they are no help, they are the ones that have stopped sending the supplies she needs so badly. Never asked for pictures or anything. PLEASE Please HELP ME. THANK yOU.